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Neom Project : Saudi Arabia Futuristic City

Building a city of the future in Saudi Arabia is like creating a magical place where people live in a new and exciting way. The Neom project is underway, resulting in Neom City being constructed at the junction of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt near the Red Sea, exuding more than a regular city vibe—it screams a super cool, futuristic city!

What Is Neom City ? Facts & Features

Neom City is a massive project in Saudi Arabia, covering 26,500 km Square. It includes cool areas like a floating industrial complex, a global trade hub, tourist resorts, and a green city powered by renewable energy. Started in 2017 by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Neom aims to house 9 million people by 2030. Nadhmi A. Al-Nasr is the CEO, and it’s part of Saudi Vision 2030 for a diverse economy. The Neom has made sustainability a priority for the city, intending to run on 100% renewable energy. The Line, a significant part, will be home to 9 million residents and showcase economic diversification.

The City has awesome plans! The Line is a super-long city, 170 km, designed with all buildings in one cool structure. Neom Bay, a part of the grand scale Neom project, is beginning with an airport, while Oxagon, a floating industrial city set on the Red Sea, will primarily focus on trade and extend cool facilities. Trojena is a skiing destination in the desert mountains, and Sindalah is a luxurious resort by the sea. Neom also aims for 6,500 hectares of agriculture using advanced crops. Enowa, a company under Neom, will provide renewable energy and eco-friendly services. It is making incredible ideas real for a fantastic future!

Neom : A Futuristic City

Neom City, occupies a unique location at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, making it a fantastic spot for strategic and economic activities. With a budget of 500 billion, Neom plays a role of a crossroads where three countries meet near the city of Aqaba, enhancing people from different backgrounds to come together and do great undertakings.

A smart city connecting the world

Being at this special spot makes Neom City a perfect place for people from all over the world to connect. It’s like a giant meeting point where everyone can trade things, work together, and be friends. This is instrumental in everyone growing and achieving better things by 2024.

Living in the Future

Neom is not like other cities; it’s a city from the future! It will have smart buildings, self-driving cars, and super advanced healthcare and schools. People who live there will have the best technology and a really good life.

Guess what? It will set new global standards for a super cool and high-tech way of living.

Jobs and Fun

It is not just about being in a good spot; it’s also about making jobs and having fun. Because it’s in the middle of important countries, businesses and cool people will come here. This means more jobs and exciting things to do!

Mixing Traditions

People from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt will bring their own special ways of doing things to Neom City. It’s like having a big mix of traditions, creating a fun and friendly place where everyone can share and understand each other.

Friends Everywhere

Neom City wants to establish harmonious relationships with everyone, as part of the linear city model under the saudi mega-project Neom. By teaming up with nearby countries, it can do cool projects, learn new things, and share cultures. This way, through the Neom project, Neom City can integrate itself into the global family!

Taking Care of Nature

It also cares a lot about nature. It wants to use clean energy, build eco-friendly buildings, and keep the environment safe. This approach embodies the vision of the Neom project to harmonize the city and nature..

Making Saudi Arabia Awesome

LINE is not just for fun; it will also make Saudi Arabia even more amazing. Through the Neom project, introducing advanced technology, job opportunities, and global relationships, Neom will assist Saudi Arabia in becoming a renowned and progressive nation, diversifying its economy and hopefully hosting events like the Asia Winter Games.

Big Prediction: Neom will be so awesome that it will show the world how cool and modern Saudi Arabia is!

In short, Neom City is not just about building things; it’s a super exciting plan that shows Saudi Arabia is ready for the future. From being green and smart to making lots of friends, Neom City is like a dream come true where technology, culture, and big plans meet!


Q: What is the significance of Neom City in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030?

A: The Line plays a pivotal role in Saudi Vision 2030, the nation’s strategic plan to develop the northwest region of Saudi Arabia and transform it into a futuristic city and an ecotourism destination.

Q: When was the Neom project unveiled?

A: The Neom project was unveiled in 2024 as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative.

Q: Who are the key players in developing Neom ?

A: The development of Neom City involves prominent figures such as the Chief Executive Officer of Neom, Nadhmi Al-Nasr, and the developers, Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund.

Q: What are some unique features of Neom ?

A: The Line is envisioned as the world’s largest floating, futuristic city, complete with a ski resort in the nearby region, making it a new model for smart cities with a strong focus on sustainability and innovation.

Q: What is the expected role of project neom in hosting major events?

A: Neom City is expected to play a significant role in hosting the 2029 Asian Winter Games, showcasing its potential as a major international destination.

Q: What are the main goals of Neom project?

A: The Neom City project aims to create a new future for Saudi Arabia, diversify its economy, and reduce its dependence on oil through the development of a cutting-edge, eco-friendly city in the northwest Saudi Arabia region.

Q: How is Neom Project contributing to Saudi Arabia’s economic diversification?

A: By focusing on innovative industries such as ecotourism, advanced technology, and sustainable development, Neom City is set to contribute to the diversification of Saudi Arabia’s economy.

Q: Who is the architect of The Line?

A: Neom City is being developed by Zaha Hadid Architects, a renowned architectural firm known for its futuristic and innovative designs

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