MOFA Ratification

MOFA ratification, or Ministry of Foreign Affairs ratification, is a service provided by the government to give legal validity to documents, allowing them to be recognized and accepted across international borders. The process involves having certain documents authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of origin, confirming their authenticity and legal standing.

The primary purpose of MOFA ratification is to ensure that official documents, such as certificates, agreements, or other legal papers, can be used in foreign countries with no legal complications. These documents might include educational certificates, business agreements, marriage certificates, and other similar paperwork.

The process involves the following steps


Before submitting documents for MOFA ratification, they are often notarized by a public notary in the country of origin. This step ensures the document is genuine and legally binding.

Verification of Educational Documents

Educational certificates play a crucial role in international pursuits such as studying abroad or seeking employment opportunities. MOFA ratification verifies the authenticity of these documents, making them legally valid for foreign countries.

Ratification of Agencies and Marriage Contracts

Agencies and marriage contracts are fundamental legal documents that often need recognition beyond national borders. MOFA’s ratification process ensures these documents meet the legal standards, facilitating cross-border transactions and marital agreements.

Verification of Commercial Documents

In the realm of international business, various commercial documents require authentication for legal. MOFA’s verification service extends to commercial documents, including agreements, contracts, and certificates, providing a foundation for secure cross-border business interactions.

Verification of Letters

Personal and professional letters, when endorsed through MOFA ratification, gain legal standing for cross-border use. This service ensures that the content of letters is recognized and accepted in the relevant jurisdictions.

Verification of Personal Status

Matters related to personal status, such as birth and death certificates, often cause cross-border recognition. MOFA’s ratification process extends to these vital documents, offering legal validity for matters of personal status on an international scale.

Service Beneficiaries

The MOFA Ratification service caters to a diverse range of beneficiaries, including citizens, residents, businesses, and guests involved in cross-border activities. Whether individuals are pursuing educational opportunities abroad, entering international business agreements, or managing personal status matters, MOFA’s ratification ensures their documents are legally recognized.

Conditions and Requirements

To avail the MOFA Ratification service, individuals, and entities must adhere to specific conditions and requirements, including the submission of ratification document requests through the electronic portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Electronic payment through the Sadad system and Enjaz for missions abroad facilitates a seamless and efficient payment process. Additionally, applicants may need to review the Board of the Ministry or one of its branches or missions abroad for the ratification of their documents, ensuring a thorough and legally compliant process.

In summary, MOFA ratification serves as a critical gateway to ensuring the legal validity of documents, enabling individuals and entities to engage in an array of cross-border activities with confidence and legal assurance.

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