Al Rahma

Al Rahma Mosque

Al Rahma Mosque, also fondly known as the Floating Mosque, stands as an iconic symbol in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This spectacular mosque, alternately referred to as the Fatima Al-Zahra Mosque, graces the northern tip of Jeddah’s waterfront, covering an expansive 2,400 square meters. With its unique architectural design, it appears to float on the Red Sea, connected to the sandy shore by a picturesque walkway.

Significance and Visitors

The mosque attracts thousands of Umrah and Hajj pilgrims throughout the year, as Jeddah serves as the gateway to the sacred cities of Madinah and Makkah. Its allure extends beyond religious significance, drawing tourists globally due to its architectural beauty and historical importance. Al Rahma Mosque has become a highlight in Jeddah’s tourism landscape, listed among the city’s must-see attractions. Locals and tourists alike often take leisurely strolls along the Jeddah Corniche, especially during sunset and sunrise, to fully appreciate the mosque’s enchanting beauty.

Al Rahma Mosque: The Floating Mosque In Jeddah, Saudi


Situated on Corniche Road in the Al Shati district of Jeddah, Al Rahma Mosque’s strategic location offers panoramic views of the Red Sea. Conveniently located 17 km from Jeddah Airport and 21.3 km from the city center, it is easily accessible for both locals and visitors.

Architectural Splendor

Al Rahma Mosque showcases a distinctive blend of classical Islamic design with a touch of contemporary architecture. Its aquamarine domed roof and pearly white minaret stand out as iconic features. The floating mosque boasts 52 outer domes that contribute to its grandeur, with interiors featuring classical Andalusian patterns and contemporary Islamic art. The central vault, supported by eight pillars, adds strength and majesty to the main hall. Stained glass in the roof and 56 arched windows allow natural light to illuminate the entire space, creating a serene atmosphere. The mosque’s construction considered the challenges of the marine environment, using materials like isolated iron and resistant cement.

Facilities and Functionality at Floating Mosque

Al Rahma Mosque is fully equipped to cater to the needs of both worshippers and tourists. The main hall accommodates men during prayers, while a high-hanging wooden musalla serves as a prayer area for women. The mosque provides clean washrooms and ablution facilities, ensuring a comfortable experience for visitors. Limited parking is available nearby for those arriving by private vehicles.

Floating Mosque Jaddah

Best Time to Visit Floating Mosque

Open seven days a week, the mosque welcomes visitors of all ages and backgrounds. It experiences the highest footfall during the five daily prayer times. Dawn and sunset are particularly popular times to visit, offering breathtaking sea views and a refreshing breeze. Visitors are urged to respect the sanctity of the mosque, especially during prayer times.

Tourist Value and Accessibility

The Floating Mosque significantly contributes to Jeddah’s tourism appeal, drawing crowds who are captivated by its beauty. Tourists, including those with Jeddah included in their itinerary, find the mosque to be a captivating attraction. The surrounding area offers various accommodation and dining options for visitors.

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