Saudi arabia work visa 2024

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a leading economic powerhouse in the Middle East, offers various work visa options to facilitate the entry of foreign workers for different purposes. These include the Seasonal Work Visa, Temporary Work Visa, and Permanent Work Visa. Each visa type serves distinct purposes and has specific eligibility criteria and application processes. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the requirements, application procedures, and the advantages and disadvantages of each work visa type.

Importance of a Work Visa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A work visa in the KSA is of utmost importance for individuals seeking employment in the country. It is a legal requirement for foreigners to obtain a work visa before they can legally work in Saudi Arabia. The work visa is crucial for both the employer and the employee as it ensures that the foreign employee is legally authorized to work in the country and that the employer is compliant with the immigration laws. Obtaining a work visa also provides the employee with access to essential services such as healthcare, banking, and education. Additionally, the work visa allows the employee to reside in the kingdom for the duration of their employment contract. Without a work visa, individuals risk facing deportation, fines, and other legal consequences. Therefore, obtaining a work visa is a vital step for anyone seeking employment opportunities in the KSA

Types of KSA Work Visas

Saudi Arabia offers several types of work visas to accommodate different professional needs. These include the temporary work visa, which permits the holder to work in the kingdom for durations of up to three months. There is also the employment visa, designed for individuals with long-term job contracts in the Kingdom. Another type is the block visa or commercial visit visa, issued to foreign businesses for commercial purposes such as exploring business opportunities or conducting meetings. For professionals invited by a Saudi company for a short-term assignment or project, the business visit visa is the appropriate option. Work visit visas are also provided, providing the right to work for a short duration without any contractual obligation to a specific Saudi employer. The government entity visa, designed for employees of international governments working in Saudi, and the residence visa for employees who intend to relocate and live in the kingdom with their families, are two other notable types. 

Saudi Arabia Temporary Work Visa

The Temporary Visa in Saudi is designed to provide easy access for foreign workers seeking short-term employment or project-based work in the country. The eligibility requirements for this visa include the following:


  • Original passport valid for at least six months with two successive empty visa pages.
  • Certified and notarized copy of the applicant’s university degree/diploma, authenticated by the Saudi  Cultural Mission.
  • Digital power of attorney from the Saudi employer generated by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Visa referral note issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its branches.
  • Original letter from the Saudi company sponsoring the applicant, certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Copy of the employment contract, signed by the sponsor and the applicant.
  • Medical report, police report of any criminal record, and other specific documents depending on the type of work visa.

How to Apply

  1. The sponsoring employer opens an immigration file with the Ministry of Labor and applies for this Visa.
  2. Once approved, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues a Visa Authorization Number.
  3. The employee submits their employment visa application to the relevant Saudi embassy, along with the required documents.
  4. The embassy typically issues the visa within one to three weeks.

Seasonal Work Visa

A Seasonal Work Visa is provided to workers who are hired for temporary positions that correspond to specific seasons or events in Saudi . The process for issuing a seasonal work visa involves the employer logging in to their Qiwa account, going to the Services page, selecting Visas, and then clicking the ‘Issue Visa’ button under Seasonal work visa.

Permanent Work Visa

it’s important to note that a Permanent  Visa is typically designed for individuals who intend to work and reside in the country on a long-term basis. This type of visa often involves more stringent requirements and a different process compared to temporary or seasonal work visas.

This type of visa may require comprehensive documentation, including proof of long-term employment, qualifications, and compliance with Saudi immigration laws. The process for a Permanent Work Visa may involve the applicant securing a confirmed job offer from a Saudi employer, meeting specific qualification criteria, and adhering to the immigration laws and regulations of Saudi Kingdom

Understanding Employment in the Kingdom

Working with a company in KSA can be a unique experience due to distinct cultural norms and employment laws. The Saudi Arabia Employment Contract is a crucial document that stipulates the main terms of the employment such as salary, working hours, benefits, duties, and rights of both the employee and employer. This legal document ensures the protection of rights and resolution of any conflicts that may arise during employment.

Difference between Saudi Arabia Work Visa and Work Permit

 In KSA, a work permit is not the same as a work visa. It allows foreigners to enter Saudi Arabia for employment. In contrast, a work permit authorizes an expatriate worker to legally work in the country, often obtained after the worker arrives in Saudi Arabia.

Process to Issue a Saudi Arabian Work Permit

The process to issue a Saudi Work Permit involves several steps:
1. First, the employer must obtain a visa authorization from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.
2. Next, the worker applies for a work visa in their home country.
3. Once the worker arrives in Saudi Arabia, the employer then applies for the actual work permit from the Ministry of Labor.
4. Upon approval, the work permit is linked electronically to the worker’s Iqama (residence permit), fully authorizing them to work in Saudi Arabia. This comprehensive employment process ensures a systematic and legally compliant work environment. 

Work Visa Application Process for KSA

Application Process for Saudia is crucial for anyone seeking employment in the kingdom.

The role of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in the Application Process

The role of the Saudi  Embassy in the application process cannot be understated, as it is primarily responsible for the processing of visa applications and determining whether an applicant meets the requirements for the issuance of a work visa. Part of the process involves applying for a Work Visa at the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, which is another important step towards obtaining a work visa. The Arabian Cultural Mission, in conjunction with the Embassy, evaluates the authenticity of the applicant’s educational qualifications and verifies the sponsoring employer’s qualifications and legality in Saudi Arabia. Understanding the application process entails being aware of the required documents, application fees and timelines. It is always advisable for applicants to familiarize themselves with the legal and cultural expectations in Saudi Arabia to foresee complications and delays in the visa process. It is important to note that the entire process necessitates patience, diligence and efficiency to ensure a successful visa acquisition endeavor. 

The KSA Work Visa Services

The Saudi Arabia Services are designed to facilitate international professionals and businesspersons seeking work opportunities in the Kingdom . These visa services play a critical role in the recruitment and employment processes for the vast array of industries operating within Saudi Arabia. In terms of application, the process has been streamlined to allow potential employees from across the globe to easily access and submit their request for a visa.

The services assist in document verification, application tracking, and provide updates on visa status. Though the visa-processing time can vary, the Saudi government has made significant strides in ensuring efficient and timely service. In case you don’t want to get stuck in long processes, you can use trusted visa agencies. is a highly trusted and reputable visa-providing agency. If you have any queries or want to apply for a visa, click on Apply Now.


What is the salary in Saudi Arabia work visa?

In the Saudi Arabia area, Work Permit Receivers receive an estimated total pay of SAR 12,508 per month, with an average monthly salary of SAR 6,508.

How much is a 2 year visa for Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi Arabia visa fee for multiple entries is 3000 SR for a 6-month validity, 5000 SR for a 12-month validity, and 8000 SR for a 2-year validity.

Is there any 3 month work visa in KSA?

Yes, The single-entry visa remains valid for 3 months from the date of issuance and permits a stay of up to 90 days in the country. Employers utilize temporary work visas to engage non-Saudis in short-term work contracts lasting 3 months or less

Can I convert Saudi visit visa to work visa?

Yes, this is achievable if the company applies for a work permit while the visit visa remains valid.

What is iqama:?

In Saudi Arabia, an Iqama is a residency permit issued to expatriates. It serves as an identification card and is required for legal residence. The Iqama includes details like the individual’s name, occupation, employer, and the validity period. Holders must carry it at all times as proof of legal residency

What does a work permit in Saudi Arabia look like?

A Saudi Arabian work permit is an official document issued by the government, typically featuring details like the holder’s name, job title, sponsoring employer, and validity period. It serves as legal authorization for expatriates to work in the country and may include security features to prevent forgery.